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Results from the

11th annual WWM Kids Fish Derby Held

 Sunday March 22nd, 2021

Our annual WWM Kids Fish Derby was another great success! Thanks to all who attended including Mother Nature for a gorgeous fishing day!!

Information on all of our participants & the days results:

1)  Matthew Crisci 14 yrs old  accompanied by his father Monte Crisci

2) Rowan Umbel just 2 years old  Accompanied by his mother and father Jena and Marc Umbell

3) Landon Umbel 11 years old  WINNER of the biggest Blugill 11"  New fishing rod also accompanied by Jena & Marc Umbell

4) Athony Grippo 14 years old "Most fish Caught" 17 total!  Accompanied by his father George Grippo

5) Daniel Tenney 13 years old  Winner of derby with a beautiful 18" Tiger trout  accompanied by his father Fred Tenney

6) Aaron Kouth 13 years old " took second with a gorgeous 17" Rainbow trout  accompanied by Fred Tenney as well

7) Brett Marker 12 years old  accompanied by his parent Melanie Banas Marker

8) Wyatt Comn 12 years old  also accompanied by Melanie Banas Marker

9) Tristan Moore only 3 years old # 3 Big fish winner with a 16" Large mouth bass accompanied by his parents Denise Moore and Emily Matthews

10) Alexander Moore 3 years old accompanied by parents Emily matthews and Denise Moore 

A great thanks to our contributors:

Lunch was donated by Rosalie Jioio's Ligonier PA

Fish where donated by Amour N. Mellon

A great thanks to event helper Georgie Scott

Again you to everyone for a fantastically great fishing day..

John J Keslar

Museum News

Annual WWM Guided Pheasant Hunt at On-Point Outfitters in Addison, PA was a fun filled day Saturday October 28th. The shooters enjoyed a morning and an afternoon hunt with lunch. 

Members from Boy Scout Troop #338 earned their BSA Rifle & Shotgun badges from the WWM. Instructing these eager scouts was WWM chairman and BSA Merit Badge Counselor Jack Keslar. Congratulations to these fine scouts on their achievement.

The Smithnosky family came in June to help the WWM moderate the ponds fish counts. The family helped transport trout to freshwater streams to keep the fish counts at a healthy ratio of fish to habitat area of each pond. Fun was had by all!

Wilderness Wildlife Museum Annual Fish Derby 

We had our 6th annual WWM Kids Fish Derby on May 13th, 2017. The derby was held at WWM ponds.  It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time. Our overall winner was Matthew Crisci with a 15" trout caught by Matthew Crici. Matthew's trout will be mounted for him compliments of Shaffer's Taxidermy.

Members from Baldwin Boy Scout Troop 338 earned their BSA Shotgun-Rifle Merit Badges on Sunday May 6th, 2017. Scout Master Janet Book aided our WWM chairman and BSA Merit Badge Counselor Jack Keslar, to help these scouts achieve their goals. A beautiful day for some range experience. Congratulations to these fine scouts on their achievement.

Members from Portage Boy Scout Troop 2059 earned their BSA First Aid Merit Badges on Saturday May 5th, 2017. Instructing these eager scouts was WWM chairman and BSA Merit Badge Counselor Jack Keslar. Congratulations to these fine scouts on their achievement.

Annual WWM Guided Pheasant Hunt at On-Point Outfitters in Addison, PA was a fun filled day. The shooters enjoyed a morning and afternoon hunt with lunch. Although the day began with a little fog it cleared into a gorgeous day with a spectacular hunt!

Thanks to ALL that helped make our 11th annual BIG GAME FEAST & GUN BASH event a great success! We couldn't do what we do without any of our WWM's event supporters! Congratulations to all of those that were winners. A very special thanks to Giovanna Byers and Rosalyn Keslar for their wonderful cooking. We can't forget all the helpers and crew made up from Rosalie Jioio's Little Italy, friends and family...we really appreciate you all. We also had help this year with our table to table raffles from judicial candidate Hope Aston and her husband. WWM would also like to thank Judge Smail and Commissioners Charles Anderson and Tyler Courtney for supporting our museum's efforts and visions as well at this year's event.

Wilderness Wildlife Museum Annual Fish Derby   

Thanks to all the kids, and their parents, for their participation in another great fish derby! 

Congratulations to Sophia Marcelli and Tyler Van Houten on their first place tie.
Thanks also to our other participants as well: Micah Plummer, Samuel Plummer, Aston Jasper and Brianne Jasper.

Boy Scouts Earn Merit Badges With The Wilderness Wildlife Museum

Four area Boy Scouts earned their Rifle and Shotgun Badges with the help of the WWM on May 5th, 2013. The Museum offers a merit badge program for Boy Scouts merit badges for: Rifle, Shotgun, Fishing, Soil and Water Conservation, First Aid, Fish and Wildlife Management and Truck Transportation. Museum Chairman Jack Keslar is a certified Merit Badge Counselor for the BSA. Chris Thompson troop # 5152. Robert Thompson troop # 5152. Jacob Sandy troop # 5543. Andrew Decker troop # 5543.





3rd annual WWM October Pheasant Hunt 

Our October WWM annual guided pheasant hunt was a great success. On October 20th, the weather held for us on the absolutely beautiful fall day.Thirteen hunters participated in our museum fund raising event. We had new and seasoned hunters alike. The hunt was held at On-Point Outfitters in Confluence, PA. We all met for breakfast and then made our way to our morning hunt. We broke for lunch and then returned to the fields for another early aftenoon hunt. Thanks to our guides and their dogs for a wonderful day of hunting. We also want to thank our museum supporters and all the guys at On-Point Outfitters for making it a hunt to remember.



Results of the WWM 3rd annual Kids Fish Derby 

We had our 3rd annual WWM Kids Fish Derby on May 19th, 2012. The derby was held at WWM ponds. The youths and their chaperons alike were catching record numbers of fish! It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time. 

1st place: 19" Rainbow trout caught by Mason Nuttal who gets to remember his fish forever as it will be mounted by Shaffer’s Taxidermy.

2nd place: Went to our previous 2 year first place holder 6year old Sophie Marcelli.

3rd place: The museum decided to award this to all remaining participants.

BIG BLUEGILL WINNER ....Bree Horrell with a 9" -1lb bluegill in which won her a prize of a new rod and reel.

 Thank you everybody who attended and all the patrons for making it happen with your support & see you all next year!!!!



First Steps Rifle Orientation Class

The museum welcomed a group on Saturday November 26th, 2012 for our NRA First Steps Rifle Orientation course.


There were 8 individuals  that took the certification class made up of both adults and children. Those that receiving their NRA First Step Rifle certifications were: Gregory Jones, Ian Sleigh, Devin Pandy, Roberta Jones, Victor Maslar, Darlene Stanoszek, Anthony Waters, Jr. and Gabrielle Waters.  



This course was taught by NRA certified instructor Jack Keslar with the assistance of Anthony Waters, Sr. on the range. First Steps Rifle Orientation is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to one specific rifle action type. This Class was specifically designed for these students on the use of .22 rifles.





Thanksgiving Sporting Clays

A group of WWM supporters celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with a round of sporting clays at Seven Springs Mountain resort. Just being outdoors combined with the great weather made for a perfect day! Shooters were (from left-right): Todd Shasko, Dylan Shasko, Mark Shasko, Troy Shasko Jim, Beth Carlson-Scott and Jack Keslar. 



Boy Scouts Visit WWM to Participate in WWM Merit Badge Program

The museum is aiding boy scouts with earning their merit badges. Through the museum's facility, volunteers and instructors we can help scouts earn 15 different merit badges. Recently we had a scout earn his shotgun shooting badge through the WWM Scout Merit Badge Program. Please contact the museum directly for more information and to schedule the program for any scouts or troops.

WWM 2nd annual Kids Fish Derby

What a gorgeous day for the WWM 2nd annual fish Derby! Thanks to all the kids that attended with their very helpful parents. Congrats to 6 yr old Sophia Marcelli who caught a 15.25 inch trout. Sophie used a piece of night crawler that she borrowed straight off of the hook from her dad Denny's line and took to her very own fishing spot!!!

The WWM Offers the PA State Game Commission Hunter-Trapper Courses:

We are now certified by the Pennsylvania Game Commission to teach their Hunter-Trapper Education courses at our museum. Please contact us for further information. The first class was held Saturday May 21-22nd, 2011 at the museum.










WWM Offers NRA Firearms Certification Classes:


The WWM offers many NRA certified courses for pistol, rifle & shotgun. Lately women students are out numbering the male students 2-1. You go girls! Familys with firearms within their homes have shown more interest in in our gun safety courses for the entire family. The WWM supports firearm safety for all members of any household that owns firearms. Here a class is receiving their NRA certifications for revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.


Sign up for a WWM education course: Intro to Big Game Hunting, First Aid, CPR, Firearm Certification and more. All courses can be built and scheduled to suit your needs.